About us

Professional, Creative, Efficient

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History to Our Company

Meng Graphic was established in 1999. We offer our customers one- stop graphic services and consultation. We master in providing a up-to-date graphic designing services as well as providing solutions for our customer's needs. We are experienced in this field for the past 11 years and we conduct in a very professional approach. Meng Graphic has expanded considerably upon providing a range of services including 2D/ 3D illustration, multimedia, photography, web page designing, packaging design, professional digital photography, exhibition display counter design, brochure design, company profile and advertisement design, art consultancy, advertising as well as promoting for our customers.

We are well-known for working alongside with our customers to ensure that we fully satisfy their needs.

Why Choose Us

Top Reasons to Choose Metropolis

In Meng Graphic, our concept is based on three themes which are professional, creative and efficient.

  • Professional - We provide a professional service for customers including personal service to suit your comfort. Our skilled designers will work towards achieving your target and satisfaction.k excellent on any device
  • Creative - We are imaginative, innovative and generate new ideas of high standard in all areas. All our ideas are new fresh and excellent. They are original and of high quality.
  • Efficient - Meng Graphic has a fast and productive team. We have a efficient speed of delivery which satisfies our customers. Customer's satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we work as promptly as we can.

What We Do

Our fields of expertise
  • Idea Creative 80%
  • Efficient  70%
  • Wordpress 90%
  • Marketing Research 75%